Navigaatioankkuri – ÄLÄ POISTA!


MONDAY 15.11.2010

10:00 Opening of the seminar Abstract
Professor D.A. Lily Díaz, Aalto University

10:15 Observing the Observed – learning about cities from cinema and moving image experimentations Abstract
Dip Arch PhD. François Penz, University of Cambridge

11:00-11.20 Urban screens and media facades – a new context for artists, curators and audiences Abstract
Media Researcher, Director, Minna Tarkka, M-cult centre for new media culture

11:25-11.45 Affective Reconfigurations – Case: At Hand Abstract
Media Artist Heidi Tikka Aalto University

11:45 Introduction: Walking Tour to Arabianranta Abstract
Art Director Tuula Isohanni, Arabianranta

12:00 LUNCH

13:00 Walking Tour to Arabianranta
Art Director Tuula Isohanni, Arabianranta

14:30 Multiplicity & Visual Identities in Cities Abstract
Designer Evert Ypma, Evert Ypma & Accociates

15:15 COFFEE

15:45 City Space for Media, Art and Design Abstract
Researcher D.A. Marja Seliger, Aalto University

16:30-17:15 City Sounds Abstract
Researcher D.A. & sound artist
Koray Tahiroğlu, Aalto University

TUESDAY 16.11.2010

10:00 Workshop Introduction: Staged City and Choral Narrative Abstract
Workshop tutors: Mika Tuomola and Marja Seliger

10:30 Student Presentations 1-4 Abstract
15 min each, 15 min Q&A and feedback
Suse Miessner & Heikki Nuutinen – video
Mina Arko & Teresa Winter – video
Benjamin Dromey & Anna Nyyssönen – video
Satoko Hinomizu & Li Jian – video

12:30 LUNCH

13:30 Panel & Discussion: Cities as Audiovisual Narratives
François Penz, Koray Tahiroğlu & Evert Ypma
interviewed and audience chaired by Marja Seliger and Mika Tuomola

14:30 Closing Statement: Seminar summary
 & future work
Lily Díaz and later confirmed participant

15:00 COFFEE fare well

15:30 City Sets Working Session
For the speakers and participants, who want to do the City Sets workshop in their home institution and develop the project further.

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