abstract – lily diaz

Breathing life into cultural heritage

As both the record and the manifestation of human presence throughout history, cultural heritage artifacts belong to a special class of items deemed as representative of the practices, ways of life, and belief systems of human communities. But cultural heritage artifacts are not static entities. They assume different shapes and forms as they emerge from the continued interaction, in time and space, of cultures, ethnic groups, and nationalities. As part of the testing of the multimodal tools being developed in the RealUBI project, we carried out an intervention (or design research experiment) involving a group of Helsinki youth from multi-cultural backgrounds who engaged in playful interaction with heritage sites in the city.

We wanted to try to understand better the notion of cultural heritage within a multicultural context that also involves use of digital technology. Among the questions that we wanted to investigate are: What is the relation between individual cultural identity and the general culture at-large? When and how do young people recognize something as being cultural heritage? What can we learn about multi-culturalism and how it is experienced (or not) by youngsters in Helsinki.

RealUBI Project: http://www.mediateam.oulu.fi/projects/realubi/?lang=en