The presentation looks at the design of cities as stages/sets for the purposes of dramatic effect and character action. I will be screening and referring to such films as The Wizard of Oz (1939, dir. Victor Fleming), Truman Show (1998, dir. Peter Weir), Dark City (1998, dir. Alex Proyas), eXistenZ (1999, dir. David Cronenberg), Matrix (1999, dir. Andy & Lana Waschowski) and Gamer (2009, dir. Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor). The development of the screen narratives presenting city as an important element of drama from a single theme/point-of-view to the ‘choral narrative’ of multiple screens and voices is discussed via such productions as Berlin City Symphony (1927, dir. Walter Ruttman), Sliding Doors (1997, dir. Peter Howitt), Timecode (2000, movie dir. Mike Figgis) and Accidental Lovers (2006, dir. Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola).