Tuula Isohanni is a Doctor of Arts working for the City of Helsinki as Art Coordinator and Consultant for the Arabianranta. Arabianranta is a home for 10,000 people, a workplace for 5,000 and a campus for 6,000 students and know-how professionals. As a hub for creative industries Arabianranta is a home to 300 enterprises and 4,000 employees. The arts and culture of Arabianranta are visible by educational institutes such as Aalto University School of Art and Design, the performance art of Metropolia, and Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory. Since 2000 Tuula Isohanni has been coordinating various art projects and collaborating with artists, building constructors and architects in Arabianranta. Unique artworks can be seen in the built environment, in buildings, public yards and premises.