Marja Seliger is a senior researcher at Aalto University School of Art and Design. Her research topic is graphic design and her doctoral dissertation “Street Galleries – Visual Rhetoric in Outdoor Advertising in Helsinki 2004–2005” is a semiotic research about visual language and rhetoric used in advertising. She collected her research material by photographing “street galleries” in Helsinki for one year. Inspired by urban environments she continued documenting signage, advertising and visual cultures. Artistic research production “Art et Artisanat du Bénin” was exhibited in Helsinki Taidehalli 2010, and the City Sets project extends the urban theme. Marja Seliger is a professional graphic designer with long working experience in book and magazine publishing. International experience she gained by working in United Nations Development Programme in Caribbean and African countries as a graphic arts and production specialist in Unesco’s regional teacher education and curriculum development projects. Since 2001 Marja Seliger has been a lecturer and acting professor in graphic design, first at the University of Lapland and since 2009 at Aalto University as a post-doc researcher.